Out of Syllabus

Festivity and Frolic

Celebrations at Turtles

With the children gradually showing a shift towards coherent existence, the need for a stimulant emerges time and again that brings these fun diggers closer to each other’s traditions and cultural beliefs, thereby developing respect for the secular aspect of the unified whole. Hence, we make sure that these budding brains are given exposure to various festivities and celebrations to ingrain the seed of social cohesion and to develop a cordial bond which is devoid of any religion or tradition. This not only opens up the child to new vistas but also promotes a child’s social interaction and harmony.

Rollick Groove

We Dance

Dance is an incredible medium to do away with the twitchiness that comes handy with the newness and the preconceived notion of what others will think. We, at Turtles, give our children, an open coliseum to be themselves, a place where each of them is taken as a unique identity and encourage them to exhibit the non-shy version of themselves, without drawing any comparisons with others, which is an important trait to develop to make them ready for the years ahead as a confident child.

Get Moving with Recreational Games

In order to do justice to our role as nurturers, we deem it vital that the students are engaged in physical movement and exercise in a playful way, concomitantly building communication skills and team spirit. With the recreational activities unleashed, we try to make balance between the health of mind and that of the body, thereby inculcating the habit of following instructions and listening in a disciplined environment, encouraging the kids to lead a healthy and better life.

Artsy-Craftsy Little Turtles

Human brain is blessed with the prowess to play with the knowledge acquired and the innate talents to give shape to stupendous creations unique in their own self. What is required is passion and platform to exhibit the same. Here, at Turtles, we give the curious minds a rostrum to play with their creative potential, building their physical, social and cognitive development by giving a new face to the art each day with plethora of activities, be it colouring with crayons, clay modelling, folding paper for fine origami or designing cards for various occasions.

Experiential Learning


Classroom learning with a tempering of field trips gives a perfect concoction for holistic development of a child. For a well rounded education, we believe it is a must to have indoor learning as well as outdoor exploration, to make them geared up for what lies outside in the real world. Giving the budding brains careful and safe access to the different environments make them supple to deal with their surroundings in an organised and learned manner. This not only inculcates basic outdoor etiquettes in the children but also goes a long way in making them empathetic and tolerant, enhancing their critical thinking skills and team spirit, thereby enabling them to think from a different perspective. We strive towards setting the stage right for giving them a first hand learning experience for ample educational enrichment.