Who We Are

Turtles Pre Primary School is a co-educational English medium school which is assiduous towards providing a vivacious learning environment. Our endeavours are strongly guided by our appetite to make learning interesting and practical. Our organisation firmly believes in inculcating the students with conceptual learning which is concomitant with playful and harmonious co-existence.

Our philosophy of ‘Learn with Fun’ illuminates our path of educating the budding brains. We intend to draw out and nurture the natural abilities of each child. We also lay a strong emphasis on personality development and employ a number of innovative ways to inculcate strong values, building responsible individuals and future-ready global citizens.

We are committed to continuing our pursuit of excellence in managing our wings, working with highly trained pedagogues, adopting new age teaching methodologies and fostering the unique aptitude of each child.

We work assiduously towards matching our curriculum with the modern technology and refashioned demands in the education guild.


‘Learn with Fun’ definitely calls for achieving the desired play based learning within the stipulated time of a class and it also requires that each little thing is carved in a manner to achieve understanding and bonding among the peers as well as the mentor-pupil duo. For this, we give credence to providing an environment of home away from home which gradually takes the form of unconscious leaning in a systematic and disciplined environment.

This vision requires the classrooms-the place where the child spends most of the time being in school, to be vibrant and conducive to learning at ease for the little marvels.

The below-mentioned pointers will give you an insight about our classrooms.

Full freedom for kids to move around, interact, play and learn.
Creatively designed flamboyant classrooms keeping children’s taste and needs in mind
Low in height colourful seating arrangement
Toys, didactic material and blueprints embellish the classroom decor
Spacious classrooms to accommodate around 30 kids
The student-teacher ratio is 10:1 to ensure individualised attention and care
The classrooms enable creative and application based learning
Interactive visual aids accompany the activity enhancing props to make things and concepts easy to be imbibed by the children.

While visiting the other areas of the school, the mentors make sure that the kids indulge into unconscious learning that encompasses discipline, socialising, empathy and recognising new things that they observe on the way. 


Believing that in this era of information access and unabating challenges, instead of imparting only the bookish syllabi, we teach ‘the would be grown-ups’ to think, develop their own point of view, design their own learning trajectory that grooms them to come up with something uncustomary which is valuable to them as well as the society.

To clinch this, we understand the pre-eminence of early learning and acknowledge that each child has his/ her own way of learning, disparate requirements, unique abilities and psychologies, and dealing with a lot of kids simultaneously is definitely not a walk in the park. 


It requires patience, understanding and genuine affection from the mentor to develop a child’s trust. Hence we have made it a point to work with highly trained and motivated mentors particularly the ones who understand a child’s psychology. 

Each faculty member at Turtles is driven to ensure the holistic development of the tiny tots. The concoction of international teaching methods and basic concepts of traditional values has paved the way for shaping self-reliant, ethical and happy souls.