Why Turtles?

Cordial greetings to the esteemed parents who have chosen to get into details!

In order to achieve our objective of bringing out and nurturing the latent potential of our malleable kids, it becomes mandatory that every child be paid personal attention to. 

Not only the kids, but also the parents have multifarious anxieties and doubts. We, at Turtles, make it sure that we deal with them on an individual basis, where each child and parent is satiated. This concern has always helped us in devising creative ways to enhance the unique adroitness that each child has.

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Years of Experience

We have a proper procedure to settle each new student in our school whereby we use creative approaches to reach the child’s comfort level. Even the parents are made a part of it during the inception. Our scanning process at each level ensures that the strengths and weaknesses of every child are made aware to the forthcoming class teachers.

We hold discussions about each and every child’s performance internally as well as with the parents on a regular and descriptive basis to work on the areas where the child needs more attention to achieve all round development. Our little initiatives go a long way in laying the foundation for holistic development of the children, which is cognitive as well as social.

Hence, if you are looking for a school that lays emphasis on nurturing each and every child, being responsive towards the varied needs and facilitates creative ways to handle pitfalls, your search has been productive here.

Look at some of the areas that will assure you that our hands are an extension of yours with respect to safety, love and care of your child.

Erudition, Diversity, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Teamwork, Social Existence


Instead of just a means to acquire degrees, thus a source of living, we expedite to make education the key to a well-rounded development with a shift of thoughts from bookish language to knowledge of life.


Aiming to build better thinkers ready to appreciate different perspectives, our framework allows for socially diverse groups that embrace their co-existence and prove to be more innovative than homogenous groups. The amalgamation of diverse methodologies and diverse groups helps us achieve a vivacious learning environment.


The academic culture at Turtles is infused with honesty, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness. We make sure that the classroom's teachings foster integrity and develop moral vocabulary, so as to carve responsible individuals.


We strive to achieve excellence in providing quality education to our students, which requires that our staff is well trained and the methodologies being used are backed up by thorough research work by our dedicated team, helping us to be in tandem with the ameliorating world.


We give credence to the leadership based on principles and ensure compassionate and skilful interactions among the staff and with the students. We aim at being efficacious incubators where learning is nurtured and made ready for worldly challenges. The same vigour and values required for leading are ingrained in the students as we believe that the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow.


The diverse team at Turtles and their harmonical co-existence facilitates the growth and application of innovative ideas in a well ordered manner, thereby developing emotional resilience and intrinsic motivation.

Social Existence

In order to play our part towards ensuring a well structured and idyllic society, we ensure to make our students socially aware and responsible citizens by way of social control mechanisms that are a part of the efficient teaching process.

We give credence that a young brain needs simple logic and visual assimilation to imbibe anything and everything it comes across, rather than just following what is being taught.

This is where the R & D department is of pre-eminence according to us. It fuels innovation, allowing researchers to develop new knowledge, techniques and methodologies. Unambiguous but interesting teaching aids and assignments are prepared after thorough study by our coherent Research and Development team.

The meticulous and sedulous efforts of a team of around 21 personnel in our R & D workforce, work upon the upliftment of academics and design a curriculum which is age appropriate and interesting as well. This gives us the opportunity and abutment to be in tandem with the trend and make this learning journey as enthralling as could be with logical reasoning and understanding of easy peasy to arduous concepts for our prodigies in an efficacious manner.

This R & D approach, not only helps the students with intelligent and smooth know-hows, but also aids in teacher development and institutional guidance. For this we have a cohort of trained individuals, encouraged to explore individual curiosities about their craft in a safe, supportive and creative environment, giving them an opportunity to see innovation in action and build on their collective knowledge to help and guide the institution to ameliorate its learning tools.

Our R & D also caters to the amelioration of prevalent methodology, programs and approach through its analytical proficiency in order to make assimilation of concepts a smooth chore.

The process involves

  1. Problem discernment through Sampling
  2. Root Cause Analysis
  3. Exploration and Research for best possible solutions
  4. Design, Develop and Implement
  5. Follow up

The R & D is a perpetual endeavour, where it embarks on a new journey as soon as it puts its analysis in action mode, carefully observing the outcomes and introducing changes wherever and whenever required. We provide for Teacher Enrichment Skills for thorough penetration of the developed methodologies in a manner that student understanding and conceptual refinement is achieved.

Safety and security of our children and staff is pre-eminent for us. We devise creative and distinct approaches for curricular as well as extra-curricular manoeuvres in a manner that is coherent and conducive to their safety.

We have especially designed the infrastructure of the premises of our wings keeping in mind the safety and security of our children. One will find curved edges and anti-skid tapes at all the places that a child comes in contact with.

We don’t compromise on teachers’ vigilance over the students from the classes till mode of transport. Our staff is well equipped and well trained for addressing the initial medical needs of a child. The caregivers and the staff are given regular training for using fire extinguishers and to handle situations without panicking.