Our Motto

Let Kids be Kids !

We guide the budding intellectuals to explore the universe and expand their learning vistas.
Extension of safe hands

Why Turtles?

How we wish, we could still go back to our childhood and enjoy the stress free magical time with playtime fun for eons! At Turtles, we emphasise on high quality early education in a safe environment and facilitate maximum enjoyment for the cute little enthusiasts in the best of all seasons - Childhood!

Our Kernal Ethics

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Gingerly Domain

What we do?

Childcare Programs at Turtles

With Turtles, we always put the quality of teaching children first, please rest assured when sending children at Turtles.
What Extra we do?

Out of Syllabus

With extended horizons of learning, we target comprehensive development of the malleable children, gearing them up for the challenges ahead, on academic as well as non-academic front.
Festivity and Frolic – Celebrations at Turtles
With the children gradually showing a shift towards coherent existence, the need for a stimulant emerges....
Rollick Groove – We Dance
Dance is an incredible medium to do away with the twitchiness that comes handy with the newness and the preconceived notion of what others will think....
Get Moving with Recreational Games
In order to do justice to our role as nurturers, we deem it vital that the students are engaged in physical movement and exercise in a playful way....
Artsy-Craftsy Little Turtles
We give the curious minds a rostrum to play with their creative potential, building their physical, social and cognitive development....
Experiential Learning - Visits
Classroom learning with a tempering of field trips gives a perfect concoction for holistic development of a child. For a well rounded education....
What do parents say about us?

Parent Endorsements

The kind appreciations from our valuable parents revitalise us to continue our pursuit towards excellence with all new zeal and vigour. Let us have a look at them.
Where are we located?

Our Presence across the City

We believe in being exclusive in thoughts and actions which succour us in carving environmentally aware global citizens. With a modest beginning in 1993, we have now spread our wings and come up with our establishments at various places in the beautiful city of Jaipur. We are sure you still have a torrent of questions on your mind. This site will explain many of them and for the rest, please feel free to visit your nearest branch.
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Check our blog, it might interest you!

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