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It has been 29 years since we got our dream off the ground, a dream to be a pioneer, a dream to abrogate the impediments and welcome with face up, the challenges that unveil in the process of imparting value based, fun filled and unconscious learning. However, with our tenacity and the target set in mind, we were successful in establishing Jaipur’s first ever day boarding preschool – Turtles.

Envisioning the supremacy of our kids as the shapers of the future world, we began in 2002, with our first branch at Imlee Phatak and now have 5 centres of learning spread across the city.

As a pre-primary school, we understand that the early few years in a child’s life are the most crucial when their vision and artistry cannot be confined to boundaries. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to make those years countable with an innovative approach.

Our efficient staff has been our supportive hand in actualizing our dream of amalgamating fun with learning. We are grateful to the esteemed parents who have always been supportive and have done their part in making this a successful venture. We are also appreciative of our wonderful children who have been keen to learn new concepts in a creative manner.

Our ‘never give up’ stratagem opens new avenues to work on, thereby instilling aplomb amongst our children as well as our workforce. Our endeavours are guided towards formulating disparate learnings and furnishing a cordial environment and opportunities for the little ones to become confident and accomplished individuals of the society.

Immense pride and pleasure will lead the way when we welcome you and your child into our family.

Let the learning begin!

Arun Sogani and Amit Sogani


We believe that each child is the architect of his/ her own future. We can just guide them and be their support pillars. Our organisation envisions to carve environmentally aware global citizens, who work towards the upliftment of the society. We seek to nurture the etchers and leaders of tomorrow, with an aim to achieve all round excellence, which can help us in bringing out the highest of potentials and laying the foundation for each child to be self-reliant and prepared to build their own future.


The management and enlightenment by our Directors - Mr. Arun Sogani and Mr. Amit Sogani, have steered the invigoration within to impart quality education incorporating the goodness of both traditional & established as well as latest hands of teaching synonymous with global academic scenario. With a view to kindle the inner urge of the germinating seeds to explore the world of knowledge on their own & grasp all that is taught to them, we conceptualise our endeavours in providing a healthy and vibrant learning environment conducive to holistic amelioration of our students.