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Our Belief

We believe that a substantial beginning is of vital importance for the picknies that prepares them playfully, for the umpteen wonders and the learnings that they will come across in further schooling and beyond.

Our Care

The stimulating and nurturing environment at Turtles offers plenty of opportunities to these budding brains to enjoy each new thing that unveils on the path of learning and make their own discoveries, thereby being trained with directed activities. 

Our Motto

Each program mentioned here is especially carved with our motto in mind - Let kids be Kids!




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At Turtles, this is the age of following the lead of the child. Considering this to be the right age...
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With pencil, paper and colours becoming the favourite new toys, Nursery is where a child starts learning...
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A stepping stone on to formal education, the turning point in a child’s life is the kindergarten and...
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Moving just a little step further towards the step of formal education, through the preparatory section...
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At this stage, the child enters the world of traditional learning with new methodologies, thereby socialising,...
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