With pencil, paper and colours becoming the favourite new toys, Nursery is where a child starts learning to express himself through various media. First with scribbles, strokes and then capital letters, Hindi letters and numbers.

 Few other subjects include orals, general knowledge, dance and games. The Montessori method, which emphasises on individual attention, has been preferred here. A disciplined environment, gradually ready to educate children about helping others makes the ground ready that will help them to form strong bonds with others as they grow.

The expert nursery staff patiently and consistently offers to coach the children, encouraging appropriate behaviours and outcomes. They give them a structured framework of organised spaces and easy-to-follow schedules that promote learning and socialising as well.

 Here, we design a language-rich setting through daily communication and conversational games by asking thought-provoking questions. Activities such as singing, talking about favourite animals and telling stories to other kids help drive their language skills forward. The hands-on activities challenge their minds and boost their cognitive skills.

Individualised Care

Signature Practices